How does a Desi Cow look ?

Not all Indian cows are Desi Cow. These days even Jersey Cows are seen here. Desi literally means indigenous, adapted from local geography. Even now we can observe that geography, taste, culture, dialect changes every 100 kms across India. So that particular geography is DESI and cows in that geography is called as Desi. Hence there are many breeds of Desi Cows but broadly categorised into 16-20 breeds of desi cows in India.

We have all seen desi cow; the cows that you would see in the stories of Krishna, the photographs of Hindu God – Datta, or with Lord Shankara are the Desi Cows. Yet, most of us cannot tell the difference between a Desi and a Jersey Cow. Here’s the difference

Desi Cow

Jersey Cow

* The hump is a very distinct part of a desi cow. That’s what makes a desi cow unique, and is the source that passes several health benefits in the products derived from a desi cow.

Types of Desi Cows

KHILLARI (Western Maharashtra)

DEONI (Latur)

DANGI (Nashik, Ahmednagar)

GAOLAO (Vidarbha)


KHILLARI (Western Maharashtra)



The great churning of the milk ocean (SAMUDRA MANTHAN) between the GODs and the DEMONS for the nectar of immortality (Amrit), released several a number of things. The first ever desi cow was a part of the supernatural beings which was released during the churning process. It was referred to as Kamdhenu – a wish granting cow – with super powers. The Desi Cows of today are considered to be the avatar (reincarnations) of this Kamdhenu, with the super powers intact.

The scientific anatomy of a Desi Cow

A human body is made of five elements, and a desi cow is believed to provide each of these five elements to us through its various produces.


  • Earth – Cow dung  (गोमय )
  • Air – Cow urine  (गोमूत्र)
  • Water – Cow Milk  (दूध)
  • Sky – Butter Milk  (ताक)
  • Fire – Ghee  (तूप)

Sun is an important source of life. All living beings receive energy from the Sun. It is believed that the Sun provides the five elements to us that are necessary for our wellbeing and survival. If we do not receive these elements in the right proportions we lack the right balance and develop ill health It is believed that the hump of a desi cow acts as a medium that splits the energy received from the Sun into these five key elements. These elements are then made available to us through its five products. Appropriate intake of these products helps us to maintain the right balance of these elements in our body, and enriches our life.

It may sound like a fiction or a fantasy. But, a lot of scientific research has been done in this field and the results are revolutionary. There have been several cases wherein people have experience transformation in their health (physical, mental, emotional).